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Five emerging career options for job seekers

A career or a vocation is something that not only provides financial sustenance but also gives one a sense of identity. Normally, one of the first questions asked when two strangers meet and build up an acquaintance is, “What do you do?” or ‘What job are you in?” About two decades ago, the answer to such questions would have been mostly restricted to, ‘I am an engineer/doctor/in the government service/work in a bank’

Today thanks to advanced technology which has made this world a global village, new and innovative work practices, opening of global markets etc, the career options are myriad. Sadly, the youth of today do not really get sound career advice that match their personal interests and motivation. Instead, many take decisions based on peer or parental pressure. Listed below are 5 top emerging career options for jobseekers today that offer ample growth potential along with good income opportunity:

Data Analytics Professional: Data analytics is the science of analyzing raw data to arrive at conclusions. Data analytics is employed across industries including healthcare, banking, e-commerce, marketing among many others to analyze business strategies and then devise new or streamline existing organizational structure. A career in this line entails a Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree in finance and/or business. Additionally, multiple private institutes are opening shop to train people on data analytics in an effort to meet the booming demand.

Paramedical services: A paramedic is a healthcare professional involved in patient care especially in pre-hospital and post-hospital environments. She/he works normally as part of the emergency medical services and delivers support functionality to medical practitioners. Optometry, pathology nursing, cosmetic medical science, physiotherapy, pharmacy, occupational therapy, audio and speech therapy, radiology and X-ray technology among many others are becoming in-demand career options today. Each line has its own degree/diploma certificate programs offered by many colleges/institutes across the country.

Fashion Technology: A few years ago, a career in fashion technology was considered for the rich and highly influential only. However these days, more and more opportunities in this field are attracting talent from other strata of the society too. In addition to interacting with the rich, glamorous and famous people, this career allows you to exhibit your creativity and flair for style.

India is becoming a hot destination for fashion designers and brands from across the globe and this is reflected in the huge amount of foreign exchange earnings that the garment industry brings in. Moreover, Indian designers have carved their own niche in the global market and dresses styled by them are sold at hefty prices. These famous Indian designers include Ritu Beri, Manish Malhotra, Rohit Bal among many others.

Foreign Languages: A career in Foreign Languages is becoming very lucrative today. Indians are known to be linguists as most of us invariably know at least two languages fluently. Picking up skills in a Foreign Language can yield rich dividends as multiple career opportunities abound including tour operator, interpreter, translator etc.

Additionally, globalization has attracted many foreign companies to our shores and a lot of Indian companies are setting up offices overseas. Foreign language proficiency will open huge career opportunities in these companies.

Beauty Care: The beauty care industry in India is flourishing right now. Thanks to Diana Hayden, Sushmita Sen, Aishwarya Rai, Priyanka Chopra among many more, common people are also keen to give an attempt at beauty pageants, both local and international. Moreover, looking good and turning out well to office and to society in general is an unwritten code of conduct today.

Both men and women are keenly aware of this need which is driving demand for skilled people in the beauty care segment. Job opportunities are available in parlors both in the rich neighborhood and in the middle-class neighborhood. Depending on the place of work, beauticians, manicurists, pedicurists and hairdressers can earn a decent income in the form of salary and also as commissions and tips from customers.

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