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Job Title: ESG Project Manager
Company: Marampa Mines Limited
Date: 22 May 2023
Apply by: 31 May 2023


Marampa Mines Limited is looking for a strong project manager with the ability to lead data collection efforts, ensure Key Performance Indicator (KPI) goals are met, foster strategic cross-organizational relationships, and contribute to the Group’s Annual Sustainability Reports with exceptional written communication skills. By implementing international best practices in sustainable mining operations, this role will be central to ensuring the success of Marampa Blue™.

The Sustainability & ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) Manager will work closely with HoDs across the mine site to identify opportunities for enhanced operations, as guided by MML’s Sustainability Policy goals. The Manager will serve as the MML liaison for Gerald’s US-based ESG Group by maintaining excellent communication between the mine site and ESG Group.

The role is functionally embedded into the Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Department, but serves a cross-organizational purpose. The Manager will assume a leadership role within the ESG MML Working Group by proactively arranging one-on-one meetings with its members to keep engagement high, by tracking action items generated from the Group’s calls, and following up to ensure completion. The Manager’s objective as Working Group leader is to foster connectivity and synergy between the mine site’s operations units.





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