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The Africa Literacy Project, a partnership between JobSearch and the Platform Capital Group - Platform Capital, Diatom Impact and Unicorn Group, is a transcontinental initiative that partners with government agencies, literacy centres, private sector organisations, development partners, and TVET (Technical and Vocational Education and Training) providers to offer literacy courses en masse to vulnerable social groups.  Click HERE to read more about the problem we want to solve.

In partnership with Africell and Freetown City Council, our 4-month pilot will teach 500 (250 female traders and domestic workers, 125 persons with disabilities and 125 youth) non- to low-literate adult and out-of-school youth learners functional literacy using a mobile phone.  Training will be delivered by Cell-Ed's unique technology - a voice- and text-based app that offers 3-5 minutes micro-modules via SMS, app and WhatsApp. Content will introduce learners to phonetics, the alphabet, and basic English Language. Topics will cover COVID-19, civic engagement, and financial empowerment. This is a novel approach to building literacy as all existing adult literacy programs in Sierra Leone are conducted face to face.  In just 20 hours, new readers will gain basic reading fluency.  We are also developing a call-in option to offer additional support from volunteer coaches.

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Thank you for your wonderful presentation delivered during our last session. The training was great, rich and valuable and I know there is more to this career path. This type of training among others is unique and you have started on a good footing. I absolutely appreciate the training and am looking forward to having another career path training of this type.


Thank you for processing my application. I did not know your site was this interactive or I would have thanked you earlier. I now have comfort in the knowledge that you follow up on applicants, you are a true professional.


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