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'Employee of Choice' training feedback

We held our fifth quarterly 'Employee of Choice' training session on Friday 29 April 2016. 14 participants attended the one day training and as usual we had a fun-filled day sharing our experiences and giving job seekers and first jobbers information that would help them gain a competitive edge over their colleagues.

We received the following feedback from one of the participants:

Dear Madam,

I am writing this mail to express my sincere gratitude for the opportunity given me to be a participant of the training.

Certainly the Employee of Choice Training has given me an edge in this competitive job seeking market. With my new understanding of the application process, employers requirements, social and business etiquette and ethics, I believe that I am set to take on any given opportunity in the near future. My approach and perception was redefined.

Indeed it was an honor and a great privilege to meet with you and be part of such an inspiring session. How much I desire that people as yourself can adopt such and contribute to society for a better Sierra Leone.

I pray above all that God Almighty continually give you the love, strength and resources to continue and be a blessing to more and more young and desperate job seekers. I believe every working class and mostly new graduate Sierra Leonean needs such a training.

Thank you once again. God’s speed!

Sincerely yours,

To book a space on the next free session, which will be held in July, or to request one for your organisation, please e-mail

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