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Investing in Human Capital in Sierra Leone

As part of its Resilient Business Development Support (RBDS) program, Cordaid has developed a seminar series titled 'Doing Business Better in Sierra Leone'. On Saturday 30th January 2016, I was invited to speak about investing in human capital in Sierra Leone.

For a copy of my presentation, please CLICK HERE.

The feedback was amazing and we had a healthy discussion afterwards. Most of the SME owners present were concerned about losing staff after investing time and money in them. Unfortunately, it's a risk we have to take. The alternative - not investing at all - does not bear thinking about. Even if our individual organisations do not benefit, the country will definitely be better off for it.

I mentioned that I was unable to find statistics on benefits to organisations in Sierra Leone and instead had to use a chart from the UK in my presentation. Dr. Yumkella of Dalan Consultants and I agreed that we should work together to do our own research.

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