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Social media to the rescue of all job seekers: the right way to go about it

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Right from updating your Facebook status to tweeting on a regular basis, yes you’ve been a pro-active social media user.

But, have you ever thought of the ways it can land you in the employment prospect you’ve always desired?

Of course, you must have. You might also be well acquainted with the fact that nearly 37% of the employers screen potential job candidates on the basis of their social media profiles. These numbers not only signify the importance your Facebook or LinkedIn accounts hold during job search, but also indicate that you need to utilize them in quite an efficacious manner.

Hence, the discussion below will talk about 3 possible ways you can customize these accounts to get employed in the near future.

1) Start Updating Your LinkedIn Profile

The website has started turning tables since its inception. A business-oriented social networking site that enables millions of professionals to connect from all around the globe, it has served as one of the leading platforms for one to build a personal brand. Right from a visible online resume to a network of professionals in your field, there’re ample things you can do.

Ways to have a Robust and ‘All-Star’ Profile

• The more the information on your page (profile), the better your chances to become conspicuous to potential employers.

• Include all major accolades, accomplishments and certifications that you would include on your resume.

• Use an apt profile pic, preferably a head shot with neatly trimmed hair and a professional attire.

• LinkedIn offers you the opportunity to let your employer know what professional skills you possess. Mention all you can and try to get them ‘endorsed’ by your connections.

• Start following employers and experts from your field. Participating in pertinent discussions might also be a worthwhile idea.

• Recommendations are important too, so ask for them on a regular basis. Before you send the generic form, try asking for it in person, in a professional way.

How to Search for a Job?

You can start with following the companies and industries falling under your area of interest. The website suggests profile openings that are aligned to your skills and interests, and allows you to search job openings across different categories. Hence, start researching hiring managers who posted the job and find out how you’re linked to better your chances.

2) Using FB (Fac