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Job Title: Marketing Assistant
Date: 4 February 2021
Apply by: 5 March 2021




  • Reviews daily media, legislative enactments, government policy and strategy reports, international organization reports, economy indicator data and selects items of likely interest to the Mission. Archives and records such items of interest for easy retrieval.

  • Analyse bilateral trade and economic activity with India; Analyse trade and economic activity with other countries/regions;

  • Compile Import/Export Trade data;

  • Compile of a list of importers and exporters in Sierra Leone and create a database for responding to public enquiries received in the Mission;

  • Disseminate information to the print and electronic media on government policies, programmes, initiatives and achievements;

  • Manage Social Media campaigns and expand Mission’s outreach efforts

  • Organising Press Conferences, Press Briefings, Press Releases etc.;

  • Support the delivery of marketing and digital campaigns

  • Thrust on handling social media activities and audio-visual systems;

  • Handling timely correspondence and communications;

  • Administrative functions; Hands-on support during major events & visits;

  • Provide administrative and logistical support;

  • Assist in establishing and promoting bilateral institutional linkages and exchanges; Assist with the screening of applications/students for various courses of study in India;

  • Replace and provide cover in other Mission positions in the General Administration, Consular, Accounts and Information sections (interoperability);

  • Any other tasks as directed from time to time



  • Masters in International Trade / Economics / Statistics;

  • Post-Graduate Degree/Diploma in Management;

  • Knowledge and command of the English language;

  • Well-versed with MS Office Suite;

  • Experience in trade/public relations, marketing, digital communications;

  • Research experience; Ability to analyse commercial and economic data; Ability to conduct research in sectors like health, pharma and other prominent sectors of interest to India;

  • A good understanding of the local business practices, dispute redressal mechanisms


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