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Job Title: (Ship) Crane Operators, Heavy Equipment Operators and Riggers
Date: 23 September 2021
Apply by: Immediately - applications will be processed as they are received




Candidates from Sierra Leone, Liberia and Ghana are encouraged to submit applications to work as (Ship) Crane Operators, Heavy Equipment Operators and Riggers on an island for at least nine months. The job requirements are as follows:

1. (Ship) Crane Operators

  • Operates Cranes ashore and afloat

  • Optimise each lift by making efficient movements and utilising as much grab capacity as possible

  • Overall responsibility for safe operations under the hook – if any longshore or other personnel are performing unsafe actions, or if you observe unsafe conditions, stop, and communicate with the signalman or stevedore by radio

  • Must be knowledgeable and experienced with rigging

  • All reasonable tasks directed by management

2. Heavy Equipment Operator (Loader, Excavator, Skid-steer)

  • Safely and efficiently operate wheel loaders, track loaders, excavators and skid-steers

  • Promptly report safety concerns or leaks (possibility of pollution or cargo contamination

  • Report any operating problems so that maintenance and repairs can be scheduled

  • All reasonable tasks directed by management


3. Rigger


  • Safely perform various tasks across all the company’s site activities, as directed (Immediate Supervisor will be assigned dependent on the task(s) being performed

  • Use all required PPE, observe all best work and safety practices

  • Take direction, but also demonstrate initiative and an ability to work without direct supervision

  • Work duties may be ashore or afloat (on vessels)

  • Skilled in safely rigging break-bulk cargoes

  • Skilled in rigging wire rope falls on cranes

  • Safely handle cargo: containerised, break-bulk

  • Follow direction of the stevedore

  • When afloat, follow direction of boat operator regarding safety and pollution prevention

  • Handle tag lines using best, safe practices (use bitts, chocks, rails and other smooth surfaces as fairleads and friction multiplier)


To apply, please submit your CV using this template (or similar), cover letter and certificates to with the role you are applying for as the subject.


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