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Job Title: Country Director (French speaking country)
Date: 10 April 2019
Apply by: Open
Location: French speaking West African country
Reports to: CEO

Do you want your work to matter? Do you want to use your advocacy skills to make a difference, not just a living? Do you want to improve millions of lives, including your own? 

We work to reinvent how we improve the lives of the under-served. We think big, but operate lean and nimble. We train community health workers to bring life saving products and health services to people’s doorsteps. 

We also transform community health through mobile phones. Using the disruptive power of mobile technology, we’ve equipped and deployed 7,500 community health workers across Africa.  These community health workers treat common illnesses like pneumonia, diarrhea, and malaria.  They also provide ongoing care to 6 million people at a fraction of the cost of doctors and nurses.  In the countries where we work, we have reduced child mortality by 27 percent.

The secret to our success is a winning team.  People with high standards and big ideas. If you work well in a dynamic culture, meet challenges with determination, and a have a sense of humor, come work with us!

Your charge

We’re looking for a commander in chief for operations in our next country in West Africa.  Someone to lead a smart and savvy team of operations and technical experts.  To apply lessons learned from our work in Kenya and Uganda. To support the local Ministry of Health in strengthening the community health system.   Serve as our biggest community health advocate in Sierra Leone. 

Drive strategy. You will develop the blueprint to help the government transform community health in the country.  Your blueprint will apply the key lessons from Kenya, Uganda Zambia and Myanmar.  It will include a history of the current community health system, strengths to build on, gaps to fill, and goals for improvement.   

Manage operations.  You will oversee the two most important ingredients of success: people and purse.  You will set up the systems to manage human resources and the hiring of local operations staff.  You will guide a team of public health experts, government relations and advocacy professionals, trainers, and technology gurus. Your collaborative management style will enable you to help team members to feel valued and encourage each of them to learn, grow, and thrive in their work.   In addition to your team, you will oversee finances for the country program.

Develop alliances. You will develop a rock solid partnership with the Ministry of Health.  You will also build new relationships with institutional funders and other community health stakeholders in the country.  You will collaborate with NGOs and other organizations on community health policies and programs.

Promote our organisation.  Maintain strong relationships with leaders in government, NGOs and donors.  Raise our visibility at conferences and meetings and identify opportunities to showcase our work nationally and globally.

Secure funds.  Work with business development staff to identify, track and coordinate responses to funding opportunities.  You will also help develop partnerships that lead to new funding.

Lead with integrity.  As the leader of our organizational culture, you will create a positive and productive workplace.  One that values hard work, feedback and continuous improvement, inclusion and commitment to our work and working with teams in Uganda, Kenya and the US and other countries where we work.

Your background

African Leadership.  You have at least 10 years experience leading systemic change, managing people, budgets and working in global companies or international organizations.  Ideally you’ve lived and worked in Francophone West Africa.  You have an MBA, MPH, MD or other relevant post-graduate degree.  Public health experience preferred.

Initiative.  You are a successful entrepreneur or have overseen start-up country operations for an NGO, social enterprise, or for-profit company.

A strategist. You are a quick thinker, laser focused and clear decision maker.  You have a strong interest in private-sector approaches to development and a proven ability to produce results.  You are able to break goals into manageable objectives and to work with a team to meet Key Performance Indicators.

Management creds.  You have managed teams of 20+ and annual budgets of $2 million+.  You are able to inspire a shared vision for our team.  You know how to motivate and guide people.

Natural fundraiser.  You have experience identifying funding opportunities like results based financing or insurance schemes, or securing funds from foundations and institutional donors like USAID, DfID, and The Global Fund.  You are able to spot trends and keep our global executive team informed about community health needs and opportunities.

Connector. You have strong ties to people in Ministries of Health, NGOs, and/or international donors.  You are able to build and sustain relationships with new leaders in the Ministry of Health and nongovernmental organizations (NGOs).  You are able to identify new donors and partners for programs. 

Gets our model. We are a hybrid model.  We’re a nonprofit organization with a business minded approach.  We use business practices to achieve social goals.  Candidates with for-profit and nonprofit experience preferred.

Lives our values. You can thrive in our culture – you can demonstrate inclusion, integrity, innovation, quick footedness, collaboration, and accountability.   

To apply, submit CV and cover letter to with subject 'Country Director - West Africa' as soon as possible.



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