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Job Title: Consultant Editor (Remote Work)
Company: Jhpiego
Date: 23 June 2023
Apply by: 30 June 2023


Jhpiego has an objective to support NACP in developing HIV guidelines in different thematic areas. In that vein, we coordinated the first 5 day-workshop on 30th January – 3 rd February 2023 at Makeni to review and
update the existing 2020 consolidated national HIV guidelines with current guidance from WHO, PEPFAR, and other research. A first draft was developed by the end of the workshop. This was followed by review
meetings with a smaller team that critically reviewed the updates made by different section groups during the workshop, and provided comments. A second 5-day workshop was held at Bo to address comments, finalize
updates and make any necessary changes. The next step for this third draft copy is to format, proofread and have a clean copy for validation and signing.





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