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Job Title: Consultant - Climate Education
Date: December 2022
Apply by: 11 December 2022





Following discussions between EPG and the MBSSE, it has been agreed that to inform policy actions an initial landscaping assessment is needed that will capture the following elements:

  • What is the current impact that climate change is causing on the education system in Sierra Leone (covering: infrastructure, access, and quality)?

    • Are there specific groups that are more vulnerable to the risks posed by climate change and their on-going access/quality to education?

  • What is the current state of climate change knowledge within the education system Sierra Leone (covering MBSSE officials, education workforce, students, and parents)?

    • Is the problem recognised and acknowledged?

    • Are their mitigation and adaptation actions already being applied?

      • Is Climate Change included within core curriculum taught within schools?

    • What are the gaps, vis-à-vis levels of knowledge, policy, functions of the system supporting policy action and infrastructure?

    • What is the capacity and readiness of the education system to do more?

  • Which existing policies (if any) are directing a response to climate change in Sierra Leone?

    • Which existing policies (if any) provide any specific direction for the education system?

    • Reflecting on the recently held COP 27 Summit summarise the key COP 27 outcomes, mapping which are specifically relevant to policy work in SL (incl. where the SL Government made any specific public commitments), and drawing out if any have implications for work in the education sector in SL.



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